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Tattoo Fashion Face Tattoo Trend or Taboo

Samuel Smith - November 18, 2019 - 0 comments

As western tattoo culture has grown we have seen massive changes in the way the society excepts tattoo fashion, people in western culture now often have fully coved bodies and this even extends to facial tattoo’s. This tattoo fashion that began in the west mainly thanks to MTV has now spread to Asia where we see some of the most heavily tattooed people in the world in countries like Thailand. Because of Thailand is right next door to Cambodia this extreme tattoo fashion is now appearing more often and in the next few years the face tattoo and full body tattoo may become mainstream.
Watching Cambodian music video’s is testimony to this as more film clips are showing pop singers and rappers with tattoo sleeves, neck tattoo’s and face tattoo’s. This style is being influenced by American MTV style and Asia MTV and is being seen less as a Taboo and more of a look people will aspire to have. For both men and women neck and face tattoo’s are now being seen as a mark of beauty or style, some of the most viewed modeling images now online are those depicting men and women that are heavily tattooed. This is because these style of tattoo’s particularly the facial tattoo marks people as being very distinct, memorable and individual.
What was once seen as taboo is now a way many people are standing out especially when it comes to a marketable image through photography or video.