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Big Sleeps Ink LA

Samuel Smith - July 30, 2021 - 0 comments

A big Thanks to Mr Big Sleeps from LA for his ink supplies from USA. I love his brand and he is helping to support my tattoo studio with some ink hook up. I have used many inks over my 18 years in Tattoo shops and his ink sets are my choice as they are smooth, heal perfectly and are excellent for coverup tattooing. Mr Big Sleeps supplies a great product for professional tattoo artists working in the industry around the world. I recommend his product to any Tattoo artists who want to use high quality ink in their studios.
Mr Big Sleeps grew up in LA and was surrounded by Mexican Street Culture called Chicana he started his love for Typography by becoming a Graffiti artist and from here his art and distinctive style of Tattooing and drawing grew and evolved. He has become well know in the Tattoo industry world wide and has worked with all the best in the industry. He has a clothing brand and also his own line of Tattoo Products. For more information about Big Sleeps Tattoo Supplies go to his website.