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Making A Tattoo Night Club After Covid-19

Samuel Smith - June 9, 2020 - 0 comments

In Siem Reap Cambodia Covid-19 has hit the Pub Street Area hard, it is a city that relies almost totally on the Tourist Trade in South East Asia attracting millions of travellers normally. The Covid-19 situation that has stop international travel has crushed tourism and travel world wide. As the world slowly comes back to life after this period of time Sovannaphum Tattoo was given an opportunity to open a second studio and begin to help create something that has not been done before. To create a Tattoo Studio fused with a Night Club. To many people this may sound crazy but I feel this time is the best time to set up a Tattoo Studio inside a Night Club waiting for the Boom of tourism to come back to Siem Reap Cambodia. The Xbar Night Club is very popular with the western travel community and because Xbar is the last Night Club to close in Siem Reap every night it attracts all the Backpacker pub crawls and party people who come to Pub Street for a good time. In Australia where I come from this concept would be impossible to create putting a Tattoo Studio inside a Night Club could not be done, but here the same rules do not apply so we have a chance to create something that has not been done before. It will take some time to rebuild the trade in Pub Street and build a name in this city but I am committed to creating something that has not been done before. I want to be part of the Pub Street boom and the revival of the city of Siem Reap after Covid-19, and take tattoo art to a new level in the city. I came to Cambodia with a dream to bring an Australia style Tattoo Studio and quality tattoo art to this part of the world. I want Sovannaphum Tattoo to leave it’s mark on travellers to Siem Reap and leave a mark on Pub Street as it bounces back from this world wide crisis. Carlo the owner of Xbar Night Club is also Australian and has the same vision for his club. We both see that Covid-19 was not the end of the way the world functions but the beginning in an amazing new chapter that will give rise to new ideas and new business opportunities for those who have survived this period of time. The world has thrown us challenges and we are excited to take them on, and create something new for everyone to enjoy to comes to party in the Pub Street area of Siem Reap Cambodia.