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Large Writting Tattoo’s In Siem Reap

Samuel Smith - November 19, 2019 - 0 comments

A Tattoo Style that has not really caught on yet is the writing tattoo, as Tattooist in Siem Reap we do small writing tattoo’s written in both English and Khmer but for the most part we do not do larger scale writing tattoo’s. Large scale writing tattoo’s are have been made most popular by American Tattooist influenced by Latin American Tattooing. The original street writing tattoo art is evolved fromboth Graffiti art and also Latin Gang writing.
Large style typographic tattoo’s can be very beautiful and people can use inspirational quotes to design their tattoo’s or use names, dates, or individual words that are meaningful to them. The Tattoo art in this style of tattoo is actually Typography a branch of graphic design. In Australia I often almost on a daily basis tattooed writing tattoo’s, so this is a style of tattooing that I have practiced a lot and actually miss now I have open the Sovannaphum Tattoo Studio in Siem Reap.
So If you are interested in learning about typographic writing tattoo’s come and see us a Sovannaphum Tattoo Studio Siem Reap as we love to create custom typographic writing tattoo’s.