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Importance of Tattoo Hygiene when selecting a studio in Siem Reap

Sovannaphum Tattoo - September 20, 2019 - 0 comments

While the process of getting a tattoo may be slightly painful, it is a safe procedure of skin penetration. However. Hygiene is one of the most important factors in making sure that you avoid any problems when getting a tattoo. When selecting a clean tattoo studio in Siem Reap, it is important to make sure that the tattoo studio follows strict standards to maintain hygiene. Many of the studios at present don’t meet western standards and therefore are not safe places for tourists or locals to have skin penetration procedures.

Sovannaphum Tattoo Studio ensure safe practices and maintains high standards of hygiene for all customers. When you have decided where you want your tattoo design, your tattoo artist will clean and shave that area using sanitizer spray to clean the prepared space. The disposable razor in which the tattoo artist uses is then thrown away. All tattoo artists should wear gloves while tattooing and preparing for tattooing. This is due to the fact that there will be some bleeding during the tattoo process and not to physically touch any of the equipment to be used in the tattoo process, stopping the transfer of bacteria from bare hands. The wearing of gloves during the tattooing process is a good practice for safety for the client and tattoo artist.

Sovannaphum Tattoo uses all disposable needles and grips. Your tattoo artist will also wrap all machines in plastic as well as the clip cord and also cover the power supply with plastic. All ink caps and ink is disposed of after the procedure is done. It is always a good idea to find out what type of hygiene standard a specific tattoo studio uses. You want to ensure that the tattoo studio where you decide to get your tattoo design practices the highest level of hygiene.

Many of the tattoo studios in Cambodia and in Siem Reap are not following high hygiene standards they are not using plastic covered beds for individual clients, no Tattoo machine covers and clip cord covers. Many of the Tattooists have not been educated in how important it is not to transfer body fluids from client to client. They use bare hands to put on stencils and set up for tattoos. The Tattooist do not understand about bacteria and how it can be transferred into open wounds. This put’s all their clients at risk and for tourist and locals visiting Siem Reaps Tattoo shops the low hygiene standard makes many of the local studios unsafe for people to be tattooed at. Sovannaphum Tattoo Studio has been set up because we saw that Cambodia need correct hygiene standards in tattoo studios. That is why we like to show videos and photographs of our studio standards and practice that we follow for each and every customer.

So before walking into any Tattoo studio in Siem Reap and getting tattooed don’t just think about price. Make sure you get your tattoo from a professional tattoo artist in a sterile and safe environment.