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Girls and Tattoo’s in Siem Reap

Samuel Smith - November 5, 2019 - 0 comments

Girls are setting the new fashion in Tattoo’s in Siem Reap Cambodia, the reason is simple the majority of Cambodia’s population is under 20 years old as far as recent statistics show. So out of a population of over 16 million people the majority is young girls, who are setting the standard for fashion in Cambodia. Girls are following the trends of western fashion that has created strong Tattoo Cultures in Neighbouring Thailand and Vietnam. Cambodia is catching up after the civil war period that only ended officially in 1998 there has been a baby boom in the country and the new generation is keen to change Cambodia into a modern, fashionable and educated society that has a unique style all of it’s own. Cambodia is an exciting country because of this and it is growing very fast, at Sovannaphum Tattoo Studio we are seeing more and more girls getting Tattooed every week. We have a wide range of custom Angkor Tattoo designs, specially created for Khmer girls. Our range of designs is growing to meet the demand for Girl Tattoo’s so if you are curious about getting an Angkor Tattoo send us a message online or come and see us at the studio.