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Dot & Line Tattoo Design

Samuel Smith - January 17, 2020 - 0 comments

Minimalism and Linework Tattoo, Dot and Line Tattoo Design

Minimalist Tattoo Art
Simple Tattoo’s last longer in the skin and are easier to produce by Tattoo Artist’s because less is more. This is pretty much what you need to know to understand the minimalist tattoo style. Easy to get for first-timer that want to commit with a discrete piece and are seeking for minimum pain. Fine lines are often required, no colors and no shading. From basic symbols to popular patterns, artistic creativity is challenged. This style of Tattoo is one we are seeing more and more often in Siem Reap because these Tattoo’s are beautiful yet simple and so tattoo lovers around the world are leaning towards this style at the moment.

This is a more recent style of tattoo design, and is highly creative, minimalist art is very clean and beautiful in it’s clear use of space, negative and positive and lines that don’t flow with the body, yet frame these simple artworks in a way that makes the wearer of the tattoo standout. Additionally, the variety of designs is impressive. Artists bring new ideas and challenge the techniques to create more and more Dot work or minimalist tattoo designs. The inspiration is urban, challenge the industries rules, and bring us beautiful designs.

They area perfect choice for those that are looking for avoiding pain. As minimal designs need little time to get permanently inked into the customer skin, the pain level will never rise too high. Keeping the “less is more” effect: minimum pain for maximum impact.

Advanced techniques and hard work allow artists to perform Minimal and Fine Line tattoos with the smallest needles available on the market for stunning results. More details, whip shade, dots, it’s highly addictive and endless.

If you are interested in this Minimalist style contact the studio and we can design a unique artwork for you.