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Body Piercing Culture In Siem Reap

Samuel Smith - October 31, 2019 - 0 comments

Body Piercing in Siem Reap is very popular with Tourist and Locals, but what are the current trends with Body Piercing In Siem Reap? Body piercing is a tradition that dates back thousands of years, spanning countless cultures and communities across the globe. In different parts of the world certain body piercings more popular than others. In Siem Reap the Current Trends are Nose Piercing number 1, then cartilage Ear Piercings, Belly Buttons and Lip Piercings.

Nose Piercing is popular with Tourists as it is quite a painless piercing and heal very fast, we have both rings and studs for nose piercing here at Sovannaphum Tattoo Studio. Surgical Stainless Steel and also 18k Gold Studs and rings.

Ear Cartilage Piercing is also very popular it can be done with studs or rings and is a great piercing for travellers to get as it is easy to take care of after the piercing is done.

For Tourists getting body piercing it is important to consider the practical side of Body Piercing Aftercare, and make sure especially if they are Backpackers that they follow Body Piercing Aftercare instructions as Cambodia can be ruff as far as hygiene goes for travellers. Use Alcohol swabs to clean around the piercing or get 99.9% Alcohol Spray from a local Pharmacy and cotton tips to clean the wound everyday. This is why the simple basic types of body piercing here in Siem Reap are the most practical for travellers as far as healing up perfectly after their Body Piercing is done.