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Abstract Tattoo Design

Samuel Smith - December 21, 2019 - 0 comments

Abstract tattoo Art is the type of body art that every tattoo enthusiast should turn when he or she wants to break away from the typical or conventional ideas of what Tattoo art should be. Abstracting any image and translating it into an image that can be used as a Tattoo design, the artists will use brush strokes, lines, and geometric shapes to represent the idea of something which in this case can be a person, an object or any other image you wish to draw, Abstract Art can be Fantasy, distort reality or illustrate an Idea a individual has about the world, or a feeling or an experience in their life.

With this tattoo type there is no accurate representation of the “subject” in the drawing, and sometimes you will need an explanation from the wearer or look very keenly and carefully to understand what it is all about.
Although it was the original way that people used to represent things before the art of drawing things realistically evolved, it is now coming back, and it is one of the trendiest types of body art.

More often than realistic art I am asked to produce more Abstracted tattoo designs at the moment in the studio, partly because Abstract Tattoo designs tend to be able to be done within a shorter time frame that photo realism. Also that Abstract Tattoo Art style are trending more with travellers. I have always enjoyed Abstracting images from reality and creating art, using minimalist ideas, surreal ideas, and concepts to become the subject of symbols and artworks that adorn clients bodies that come to Sovannaphum Tattoo Studio.

Abstract Tattoo Art is almost always custom work for the clients so if this style of Tattoo interests you please contact us online.