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Samuel Smith - September 16, 2021 - 0 comments

The 9 Point Sak Yant Tattoo Buddha’s Gao Yord Meaning
The Gao Yord is one of the most powerful Yantra Prayers in Khmer Traditional Tattoo Designs and is a sacred Buddhist tattoo with very wide ranging powers of protection and is one of the most popular and well known the Sak Yant tattoo designs. Many people will choose the Gao Yord as the center tattoo on the upper back bellow the neck this is because of its universal powers. The higher Sak Yant Tattoo’s are put on the body the more respect is show to the prayer tattoo. It is a Tattoo that is composed of a series of prayers designed for protection and good luck throughout life.

The design of the Gao Yord represents the 9 peaks of the mythical mountain of the Gods, Mount Meru part of Hindu Mythology. In Khmer Tattooing there is a cross over of Religious stories from Hinduism to Buddhism as these tattoo prayers began to be written during a period of time when Hinduism was the dominant religion of the Khmer Empire that ruled over South East Asia. The 9 point Sak Yant is part of this Hindu mythology, Mount Meru is the abode of the Lord Brahma as well as other Deities. In Buddhist mythology, Mount Meru is known as Sumeru. Because this sacred mountain shape is also important to Buddhism the tattoo design is kept in the mountain shape. But it now includes Buddhist shapes in the prayer. The 9 points are called Unalome’s and represent the path to enlightenment through prayer.

The set of 3 ovals are a representation of the Lord Buddha and this grouping of 3 ovals can be seen in many other Sak Yant designs. The Gao Yord Yant has 9 Buddhas represented, with each Buddha bestowing special powers or spells. In some versions of the Gao Yord, there is a Mantra or Katha tattooed at the base of the design. The script used is Khom, an ancient Khmer script, and gives the abbreviation for the names of these nine Buddhas as follows;
A, Sang, Wi, Su, Loe, Pu, Sa, Pu, Pa

Maeta Ma Hah Niyom: With this blessing you will be treated by others with great loving kindness and compassion which will improve your popularity and help you to gain preferential treatment.
Klaeoklad: This benefit ensures that the wearer will not suffer serious injury.
Chana Satru: The ability to defeat the enemy.
Ma Hah Amnat: This will give the wearer great power, authority and control over other people.
Awk Seuk: A willingness to go to war or to fight battles for those who have your loyalty and the desire to fight for what is right.
Kong Kra Phan: This will provide Magical protection and invincibility.
Oopatae: This will ensure that in whatever enterprise or business activities the wearer is involved in they will have the ability to do the work correctly and ensures that everything will run smoothly.
Noon Chataa: This benefit will improve your destiny, fate
Ma Hah Lap: This will bring great good fortune and luck

These are the 9 prayers held within this sacred Yantra.